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Homecoming Scotland 2009

Scotland's Year of Homecoming is now at an end.

A spectacular calendar of events marked Scotland's first ever Homecoming year. Throughout the year and across the country, more than 400 events provided a special Homecoming welcome.

Scottish innovation and enterprise today

Scotland's Electronics IndustryScotland has long been renowned for innovation excellence. Scottish inventions helped drive the Industrial Revolution and shape the world we live in today. Innovation in Scotland remains as strong as ever, with researchers and companies cementing Scotland’s position as a major global player in business development and industrial innovation.

Key industries including energy, life sciences, financial services, electronic markets, food and drink and tourism have thrived in Scotland over the years.

Entrepreneurial enterprises such as Stagecoach and Baxters have grown to be global brands. Linn Hi-Fi, is now recognised as the world leader in pitch accurate sound reproduction. All driven by Scottish ingenuity.
Windfarms and wind energy

Scotland gave the world television, the fax and the telephone. Penicillin, insulin and antiseptic surgery were all developed here. We’re home to the UK’s oldest bank and the ATM machine was invented here. And this pioneering spirit continues today:
  • The p53 cancer suppressor gene was discovered by Sir David Lane as part of a world class team in Dundee.
  • In 1996, Dolly, the world’s first cloned mammal, was created here.
  • Scotland is a leader in stem cell research.
  • In Edinburgh, Professor Austin Smith is the first British scientist to be granted a licence to develop human embryonic stem cell lines.
  • Scotland is world-renowned for the excellence of its universities and in 2005, the universities of Dundee and Glasgow were recognised by The Scientist magazine as the two premier European Life Science institutions.
For more information, go to The Scottish Development International website