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The Homecoming Effect

We are now at the end of Homecoming Scotland 2009 and initial indications are showing that this has been an exceptional year to visit Scotland.

An extensive evaluation of the impact of Homecoming Scotland is being undertaken and will be available in Spring 2010 but initial indications show that the celebration is well on track to meet its main objectives:

- To deliver additional tourism visits and revenue for Scotland
- To engage and mobilise the Scottish Diaspora
- To promote pride in Scots at home and abroad
- To celebrate Scotland’s outstanding contributions to the world

In terms of concrete findings, these will be derived principally from three sources, all independently evaluated - economic impact of events, conversion studies on marketing and media coverage.

However, and in terms of the event outcome reports so far submitted, media evaluation early results, response to the marketing campaign and abundant anecdotal evidence Homecoming Scotland is well on track to deliver its stated aims.

Find out more in the downloadable Homecoming Effect document.
pdf The Homecoming Effect:  /Repository/homecoming-effect/the_homecoming_effect.pdf
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