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Think You Know Scots? – Quiz

The Chambers Dictionary in Edinburgh prides itself on its rich coverage of Scottish vocabulary. It includes words like messages and tablet, familiar words in English that have a unique meaning in Scotland, as well as words like outwith that are so familiar to Scots that often they don’t realize the words are Scottish at all. It also includes those words that are distinctively and undoubtedly Scottish, like tourie, capernoity and numpty.

But how well do you know your Scottish words? Try the quiz to find out!

1: What do you do when you dree something?

2: If something ramfeezles you, what does it do?

3: If someone is gleg, what are they?

4: What do you do if you moup something?

5: If you are yaup, what are you?


We would like to thank Chambers Harrap for their collaboration in providing us with the words and definitions used in this quiz.