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Homecoming Scotland 2009

Homecoming Scotland 2009 celebrated the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns’ birth. We also celebrated some of Scotland’s great contributions to the world: golf, whisky, great minds and innovations and Scotland’s rich ancestry and culture.


Kilmarnock smashed the Guinness World Record for the Largest Bowl of Porridge last weekend, kicking off the town’s Homecoming Finale celebrations. And in true Scottish style, they seized the crown back from the previous English title-holders!

A magnificent 264 kilos of porridge were cooked in the huge cauldron and given to hundreds of hungry hopeful-record-breakers who queued in the town’s Foregate Square on Saturday to down the steaming bowls.

A team from the Council’s Onsite Services cooked the porridge for two hours in a specially-commissioned 300 litre pot which was manufactured by Annandale Design in Kilmarnock.
Ayrshire’s own Rabbie Burns (Donald Kay) recited the Selkirk Grace before the porridge was served to the crowd.

To break the official record, the porridge had to be cooked and eaten, while a measuring device was brought in to determine the exact weight of the porridge in the pot. Trading Standards officers were on hand to verify the record.

The record-breaking attempt was a highlight of the Tartan Tidings weekend of fun and celebration, marking the end of Homecoming Year and the start of the Christmas season.

The previous record was set in September 2009 by Salford, at 171.9 kilos. And the record before that had been set in 2007 at Edinburgh’s Farmers' Market when around 81kg of oats were brought to the boil.

Councillor Jim Buchanan, Spokesperson for the Environment and Regeneration, said: “This whole weekend was amazing and our success in breaking the world record for the biggest bowl of porridge got things off to a smashing start. It was a bit of fun and shows the good spirit and humour Kilmarnock is known for.”